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    Question Banned

    Why in hell have I been banned from the irc chatroom? I didnt do or say anything too offencive. I dunno,if you guiys don't want me here, and dont want MY opinions. I'll leave.
    For real,I'm not about petty flaming...what I said in the Taliban Post was VALID. I was angry for a reason. However if you read the post after that I explained the origin of islam and how in my opinion it has been corrupted.i felt it was both informative and accurate. Even giving scriptual reference to prove my points. This is not a plea....this is not me wanting acceptance.

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    WEll, I haven't been in IRC much lately, so I don't know why you have been banned. I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with your Taliban post, unless you were sprouting off about it in IRC. It may have just been one of the many chat nazi's being a pain, but then you shoulda posted this to the chat nazi thread.

    Most likely, you were warned about something, and didn't pay any attention. 99% of the time someone gets banned, they ignore the warnings of the other members. By the way, just because a member doesn't show up as an op in the channel, doesn't mean that they are a nobody. The IRC opers normally don't show up with op status, but if you piss them off enough, they will kick you without a second thought, and you will never know what hit you. Also, there are people that don't have op status that have enough influence in the channel to get someone kicked if need be.

    I know that sounds like the room is full of ass holes, but when someone ruins the channel for stupid reasons, they deserve to be kicked. You said yourself "I didn't do or say anything TOO OFFENSIVE" Which means you did say something.
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    Greetings All:

    For future reference, questions like this should be sent in a PM to me or one of the irc ops, not posted in the public forums. Thanks.

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