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    Question c++ forums

    Hi All,
    I have done some primary level programming in c and c++ till now. I am looking to graduate onto more advanced subjects like network programming on *nix etc. I am looking for forums on the net which could answer my c/c++ questions quickly and effectively. Any leads would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Have a look at comp.lang.c
    Else, do a general search in
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    developers shed has lots of info
    and a good forum too
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    A book " unix network programming" by al stevens

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    ^^ Duuuude, the Topic was started in "2002" i'm sure the OP has already found an exciting forum were he can quickly have all he's C++ questions answered.

    Can we have some Thread Closure?

    Quick Moderation :> Close Thread ???? seriously it's like 3 clicks of the mouse button.

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