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Thread: Email Settings?

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    Email Settings?

    I have a simple question regarding email settings. Please forgive my newbiness!

    I'd like to know how you set up email reading software such as the dreaded Outlook or even better, Eudora, to recieve email from an excite account. I have a valid excite account at the moment but I'd like to recieve my mail using Eudora or Outlook...

    I know this is a basic question and probably the wrong place to ask but I was hoping someone could help me out...Thanks in advance...
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    Most email services charge for POP3 access. You'll need to investigate your options with your email service. Then they'll give you all the pertinent info.
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    I am not sure if Excite uses POP3 or IMAP or neither. To access the email using outlook/Eudora/etc, the mail server must use one of those 2 protocols (normally POP3 on the internet). Then, you tell your program to recieve mail from the mail server that is runnint that (or whatever their server is). The port will be 110 if it is POP3, but that is default in most mail clients.

    You just have to find out if excite supports remote mail, and what their server is.
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    157's the scoop....straight from the horse's mouth....
    The following was from Excite's email FAQ.
    Does Excite offer POP access to my Excite email account?

    We currently do not offer the ability to POP into your Excite webmail account and thereby use Outlook Express, Eudora, or other mail programs to access your email. Currently, you can only access your Excite email via the Web interface.

    However, we do offer the ability to forward your Excite email to another address. If you forward your Excite email to a existing POP account, you can use your email software to access your Excite email this way.

    Also, it is possible for your Excite webmail account to check POP mail accounts that you may have with your ISP, work, etc.

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