hi, my name is berry.

My biggest intrests in the 25 years i survived is my dear (at the present a duron 1100) wife/machine.

I got into the computer corner with a c64 then a amiga and then a (very briefly) umc (486 w/u FPU)

Then i got hooked after beeing lost to the intel path on amd.

i started with rollplaying games, and then FPS games now i am hooked on os and security,

I got an handicap it's that i am a dysletic adult and i also got an drop of dyskalusy (blind for numbers)

i an now on a broadband (cable modem 512 down and 256 upp) i nerarly fell of the wagon and became an it-abuser but i saw my former friends downfalls and i stoped and used what little of "missdemeanor" i lerned to protect myself, and to aid other friends or those that i can help.

I got a bit of a profile looking inte how sick a mind can be, and i usaly spot the nutcase before He/She get to me.

i know that none is all knowing but "you can but try to better yourself" i live by now.

well, thats about it, oh oh i almost forgot i am MAD when it comes to making fon of evrything so dont be suprised if i throw something out that is not quite right LOL.

Feel free to mess me i love to talk about firewalls and anti-hacking etc.

here is my uin 147794435, dont spread it.

Dont give it to someone thats is called "port513" it is a former friend that gone bad by lying to me and to most of his so called friends. "linuxmaster" is another name he goes by.

This guy you have to firure out by ourself.

Best of reguards