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Thread: The Olympics

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    Thumbs up The Olympics

    Am I the only one who is annoyed by the obsession
    with national team accumulation of medals?
    It takes the fun out of it.

    It's not a war, folks!
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    I totally am with you. It is so irritating.

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    Gotta agree with you. And its kind of hard for most countries to compete with the U.S. and other big ones. And I don't like that. It should be fair for 'em all.

    But on the olympic subject: What's everyone's favorite event?

    I like halfpipe, and slalom skiing, and others. Except Ice dancing...that's boring.
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    I like the summer olympics best and my favorite event is the pole vaulting.

    but if i had to chose a fav event in winter it would be halfpipe.

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    Ahh, but how funny is it when those ice dancers/figure skaters fall on their arse!!

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    It just seems like there are so many events have corrupt judging, or judging that's incosistent. Why have judging for events that don't need it? (Like distance ski jumping)
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    Judo and Locross are my favorite olympic events
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    I like all the skating.

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