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Thread: Ghetto Cable TV

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    Lightbulb Ghetto Cable TV

    If you are not fortunate enough to have premium services like show- time cinimax and the "playboy" and any other service that appears to be fuzzy that you can get by fine tuning!It also works on channels that are lined and flashing and produce a mixer up picture.

    These channels are not scrambled, but instead a garbage transmission is sent at the same frequency therefor in order to filter the garbage out you must first examine the terminals these are the ones that the cable service is hooked up to. Get a piece of antenna wire about 3 feet long and attach it to the vhf terminals along with the cable tune in one of the movie services that you would like to see and adjust it for the clearest possible do this again and again until you get an almost perfect picture! (you should not have to cut off any more than 6 inches of that 3 feet wire. Now get a piece of aluminum foil and wrap it around that wire and slide it up or down till you get a perfect picture and good voice and thats how to get Ghetto Cable TV

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    How is a piece of coat hanger wire going to pick up signals from a cable?
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