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Thread: AP suggestion... (yes, another!)

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    AP suggestion... (yes, another!)

    Before the implementation of the new way of tracking APs (which I do like, let me tell you), it used to have "% positive, negative, and TOTAL Aps given out." Any way we can get back the total thing? I always, for some reason, liked to look at how many APs they had given out...anyone else like this thing to come back?

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    Yeah... It was interesting to see how many points they gave out

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    I agree. We need totals.
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    I disagree...

    Why? There are a few reasons...
    One reason, simple though it may be, is that it allows a user to see how many antipoints (+/-) they assign per hit... this, although rather trivial, can lead to something that could only be called, 'mine's bigger than yours' syndrome.. it would turn antipoints into a competition... the antipoints dots under ones name also have this, but they are necessary, otherwise, antipoints are meaningless....
    Combined with that, you could also work out approximately how many times you would need to give someone negative antipoints to erradicate their precious little greenies....

    There are many other little reasons why its not a good idea.. but I'm not gonna post em, coz I'm lazy, tired and drunk...

    Besides, what real purpose do the totals serve?
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    Matty_Cross is right, and I noticed many of those things while doing AntiPoint System Audits during the time I had totals posted.

    Posting people's totals doesn't provide anything useful, and simply causes additional problems, so I don't see it coming back.

    Thanks for the suggestion though!

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