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Thread: To serve and protect

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    Since we have this Firewall discussion I would like to hear some OpenBSD users talk about their OpenBSD firewalls.
    Free or Net BSD people are welcome to join in too.

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    i have no opinion on this subject i just wanted to say this was cute..

    Microsoft, have you been assimilated today ?

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    Like to but not running one on that ux. Focmaester do you run one?

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    I used to have a sparc running OpenBSD, now that I´m getting adsl I´m configuring a old i386 box as a firewall.
    Will test it out soon.
    Been using OpenBSD for almost 2 years now. Offcourse, it´s not as popular as FreeBSD or NetbSD but it makes a good firewall and secure OS.

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    By saying openbsd firewall, I am assuming you mean IPF. I have been using IPF on both openbsd and freebsd for quite some time now, and it is awesome. Definately just as good as any other firewall IMHO.

    I actually like IPF better than IPCHAINS or IPTABLES because the rules are written in plain english and are easier to understand.

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    IPF yes, but some ppl (Mrwall aka etsh) argue that it isn´t all that good.
    I´m waiting for a comment on that.

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