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Thread: Where can i find .sam files

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    Cool Where can i find .sam files

    I want to find .sam files on a networked system. Where the file server is windows NT
    and the rest of the computers are windows 95. And i want to find .sam files on one of the
    windows 95 computers. Please Help Thanks!!

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    Win95 does not have a SAM file.. for the reason that M$ came up with SAM when they started developing NT.. though if u wanna know where the SAM in NT is, its in the "repair" folder.
    Win95 uses .pwl files i believe..

    and i think you should check if your network is running under Novell..

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    Windows 95/98 do not have sam files. They use pwl files (*.pwl). Those are relatively easy to crack using a program such as Caine.
    For Windows NT, it's a bit more complicated. You need to 'leech' the sam file which is located in:
    If the admin created a boot disk, the sam file is usually copied onto it. Else, you'll either have to use LophtCrack to get it or a tool such as PWDump or even simply start it in Dos mode and copy it from there.
    Once you have it, use a password 'recovery' tool such as LophtCrack. In less than 24 hours, you should have a good bit of alphanumeric passwords.
    For more info on useful NT files, have a look at:

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    Another technique in crackin SAM files is by using a program called SAM Dump..

    more information is here in this thread:

    ofcourse there are ermm "some" small mistakes on that tutorial that i have overlooked when i wrote it..

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    If you have access to the server run "rdisk.exe" then copy files from c:\winnt\repair

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