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Thread: If Your Bored...

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    If Your Bored...

    Im curious of what you all do when ur not on antionline talking about security and other such things... please keep this as clean as possible.. and no "i go home and beat off to cyber monkeys" that means u Remote_Access_ : P (u cant dance get over it)

    So what do u guys do in ur free time for fun? Any significnt others? married? job? and other such things..

    ill start this off

    In my free time online i play Counter Strike, Roms, I chat on IRC in channel clubhit where im the #1 talker (aka i talk way to much). Offline i enjoy hanging out with my girlfriend and her friends and my friend, I enjoy roller hockey and going to the mall and other such things. I live in the city so there is almost always sumthin to do other then mily cows haha@chris ;P

    Well keep this going if u wish.. or if u have better things to do go leave and do something elese : P

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    In my spare time I like to skate, chill with my friends, play poker and I love to party but I can't dance

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    I used to be the number 1 talker in, but things have changed a little bit. You can ask just about anyone in there, they all know the story.

    I really don't get much free time. Between work, and taking care of my dad, that takes up most of my day. I do have a gf, but she lives about 80 minutes away, so I only see her on the weekends. I am looking forward to this summer though, when I finally get to ride my Harley, which I just got last week.
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    Music, i play guitar and bass.... vainly trying to start a band, but its not workin

    i also write
    go read some of my stuff... tell me what yo uthink, heh

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    Wellity, wellity, wellity.

    Im still young so I go drinking with my buddies who I now see less directly due to AO!

    Anyway we just got to a house and drink ourselves silly, Im too young to go to the damn pub so this is my only option. Other than that I just laze around usually reading books, I a big time reader, Ill engluf any literature put before me! Now wheres that copy of Ulysses....

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    spare time...huh? is that...?

    scuse me ...gotta go patch IE6 on 26 machines...
    I used to be With IT. But then they changed what IT was. Now what I'm with isn't IT, and what's IT seems scary and weird." - Abe Simpson

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    HAH....Zigar beat me to the punch, does checking forums count as spare time??

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    In my spare time I drink beer and chew bubble gum..................and I'm all out of bubble gum.

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    Drink beer
    Smoke ........
    Listen to rock (placebo is the worlds best band if u'd ask me)
    (those tree I usualy do @ )
    Play shishen-sho (kdegames)
    ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI.
    When in Russia, pet a PETSCII.

    Get your ass over to SLAYRadio the best station for C64 Remixes !

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    I like to play video games till my eyes bleed. Favorites include Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, RTCW (always playin' that game, yeah!), Disciples 2 (good change), as well as programming, maintaining a mirror for radlight on my own linux server, and various other computer-related things. I'm not married and don't/won't have kids. If I wanted more pets, I'd buy more plants (they tend to run around less and aren't keeping me up at night), and if I wanted more sun, I'd get a bigger monitor.
    We the willing, led by the unknowing, have been doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much with so little for so long that we are now qualified to do just about anything with almost nothing.

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