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Thread: Latest Virus Alerts

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    Latest Virus Alerts

    what do you new Outlook exploits yet this week...

    Discovered on: February 12, 2002

    This is a simple Visual Basic worm that copies itself to the \Windows\System folder and to any disk that is in the A drive.

    Discovered on: February 11, 2002

    Backdoor.EggHead is a backdoor Trojan horse program that uses a freeware IRC bot as its core component.
    This backdoor works only under Windows NT/2000/XP.
    Once activated, this backdoor gives a third party unrestricted access to the client's computer.

    Discovered on: February 11, 2002
    Hacktool.DoS is a hacktool that performs a Denial of Service (DoS) attack against a third-party server.
    Even though this tool does not cause any damage to the computer on which it is deployed, it is considered a threat by network administrators.
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    Nice post, keep it up!


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