The computers of today are the previous generations of trial and error. The godfather of computers of today would be the vacume tube. The vacume tube is a switch, A small voltage at one pole switches a larger voltage at the other pole on or off. Because information in A computer is repersented as binary *1's and 0's), switches are ideal they too have only two positions, 1 and 0. The first electronic computer contained cabinets full of vacume tubes. There were several problems with this. First, the tubes utilized a heating element in order to facilitate the flow of electrons between the poles. These heating elements have to be "warmed-up" in order to function properly, because they had to be warmed up it took serveral minutes to turn the computer on. Also because of how many vacume tubes in a cabinet, the elements created a lot of heat. Heat shortens the ligh of electronic components so each computer usually had a entire room full of air conditioning equipment for keeping the tubes cool. Even with the ac the adverage tempture inside these computers was over 100 degrees. 2. Vacume tubes were bulky, computers like the first one the "ENIAC" took enough cabinets to fill the whole floor of a building. With the computer in one room and the air conditioning in the other one next to it.

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