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    I am playing this wargame and i need to use telnet to get to the next level. what i need
    to do is type, next to where it says host but it doesnt work can you help thanks!!

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    What do you mean it doesn't work? Does it come back with "Host not found" or "Command not found" or what? I need a specific error to know where to look.
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    Hmmm, it doesn't sound like is being resolved to an ip address. Try the IP thats associated with that address:

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    Uh, use the telnet commands, like this:

    Open a shell or DOS box.

    Then type: telnet 25 (or whatever port you need)
    Then use the "helo" command or whatever.
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    {PP}Apocalypse that's if you want to use the mail server. IceyJ32uk I've done that wargame before. Just use a telnet application and connect to their port 23 and log in as level0 and password is guest. Have fun!

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    Try drill.hackersLAB .org


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