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    I am playing this wargame and i need to use telnet to get to the next level. what i need
    to do is type, next to where it says host, but it doesnt work how long should i wait until i get sum thing can you help how thanks!!

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    did you try using the telnet that provides. There is a button on the left menu bar that says Lets Go! when you are reading your problems for the next level.

    If your using windows 98 the telnet for that has alot of bugs in it I would recommend getting somthing else like Putty, or ZOC they work just like telnet but better.

    Also somtimes there server gets overloaded from to many people playing and it. ususally you don't have to wait to long to enter but somtimes it's hell.

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    I had no problem using telnet in Windows 98.

    If you can't get telnet to work, you will probably have a hard time figuring out how to get to the next level. Unless of course you download the answers from the internet. Although most of them are posted in Korean......
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    hackerslab wargames are UNIX anyway. Unless you know some good UNIX commands, you won't get far.
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    It might also get a while for you to get a prompt. I once tried connecting from Ireland (don't ask) and it took me about 2 minutes watch in hand to get a prompt. Their servers could also be running slow. It shouldn't matter which platform you are on while you use a proper telnet client.
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    if your pc is a node on a LAN (your pc is not directly connected to the internet via dial up or cable modem) then you may be behind a firewall which is blocking the telnet port. if you are at work or school, this is most likely the problem.

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