I don't really know how to express what I feel today.

I have the impression that hacking/phreaking is dead. I was reading some old phracks, especially issue 40 with 'Retirement of a hacker' by Jester Sluggo when I realized that
this just did not exist anymore. 'Hacker' has become a myth, a simple legend that we look back at. I unfortunately did not know the 'golden years' of the LOD/MOD, BBS and 1200 bauds modems.

I grew up with a Pentium 120, Windows, AOL and a bunch of wannabes. When we say 'hacker', who do we look up to? Any name/group in particular? I don't think so. I know of no 'respectable' group nowadays and even less of 'respectable' hackers. Where is the community that was so present some 20 years ago? We have become divided and, sad to say, isolated. I don't really know what caused all that to happen. Maybe the increased risk of being caught and sent to jail, maybe the technology that made computers so 'user-friendly' or even to overload of information. Who can still write tools using a language such as C or Perl? Not many.

Yes, some of those people are still present. Wherever they are, I guess they should come out and give us some hope. I've become tired of hearing people asking how to 'hack hotmail' or even trying to infect a windows machine with some Trojan. The term 'hacker' needs a new definition, a rebirth.
I really hope something good could emerge from the underground and shine upon the rest of us. Maybe all we need is a serious kick in the butt.