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Thread: Is hacking dead?

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    If hacking seems too lack-luster maybe its not dead, just in a comma about to have the plug pulled to see if it will survive on its own. Let me tell you hacking is eternal.
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    This is a great thread! Hacking is only dead in the eye of people who want it to be dead. Eg. the network security government agencies(?) I agree that the face of hacking has changed dramatically, from masters of deception (where'd they ever go?) to hundreds probally thousands of new groups being formed today, they all make up the 'face' of hacking. I think that as technology has progressed, the "l337" so called hackers job have become easier and easier... thus changing the attitude of the hacker. Back in the old days, you'd have to program, read, research and experiment if you wanted to find an exploit. But now all you need to do is search for an exploit, read about a paragraph on it and bam! You've gotten into the server.
    But as technology progresses, so does the technology that 'stops' hackers. So this in turn makes it a bit harder i guess... so that would explain the 'script kiddie' attitude of being l337 for maybe a week, then getting bored and getting on with life.

    Well thats my thoughts and ..stuff. I think i'll go back to sleep.
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    Hacking will never die - as long as there are computers, there will be hackers. A hacker is defined as a person who tries to learn as much as possible about computers (paraphrased) and I, for one, follow this doctrine. Just the fact that AntiOnline exists maintains the existance of hacking. Hope springs eternal, and one day, I believe that it will be up to hackers to do something great - save the world from nuclear winter, that sort of thing Until that day, I remain,


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