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Thread: Buddy List

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    Buddy List

    JP. . . I was wondering if you could make the buddy list window scrollable. I have a lot of people on my list and Im unable to view the whole list without going into my User Control Pannel. Just a small suggestion. Anyone else have the same problem?
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    Hi Rouge!

    I do agree, that there should be a scroll button. I also have a loooooooonnnngg buddy list. I hope Jp would agree on that

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    Well, I have no friends, so I don't worry about it to much, but I could see where that would be helpful. You can resize the window, but unless you got a huge monitor, you could still have the list to big. Then again, how many people in your buddy list do you actually do anything with when you do see them on line. Unless you see them in IRC, but then you don't need the buddy list for that.
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    Its a bother for just 5 buddies! Pls make it scrollable

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    Greetings All:

    Ok, you now have scrollbars

    Thanks for the suggestion.

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