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    Book Review Forum

    It would be good if there was a forum where people could post reviews of security related books that they own/have read. Perhaps it could include some sort on AntiOnline rating sheme too?
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    Naa mate, I disagree. This would just add to the chaos of Forums that are out there that nobody really pays attention to. And then people would go of on saying how they loved Swiss Family Robinson and start quoting lines from books and magazines that arn't even computer related. This would further lead to a few new Forums with absolutely no security relation, ...and it would just be chaos an horrid non-geeky-computer-illiterates plaguing this (our) website:, where "Hackers Know The Weakness In Your System. Shouldn't You?" ....

    Get the idea? Nice post otherwise.
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    i think a forum for security- and computer-related books would be great, i would definatly be interested in something like that!
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    Ok, I don't think that forum would get enough posts on its own. But:

    Product Reviews has now become Product / Book Reviews
    Let others know about security products that you've used, or books that you've read.

    enjoy, and thanks for the suggestion!

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