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Thread: New Forensics/Recovery/Virus Scanning/PenTesting Bootable cd - Biatchux

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    Oct 2001

    New Forensics/Recovery/Virus Scanning/PenTesting Bootable cd - Biatchux

    hey all,

    I haven't made a formal announcement via freshmeat or sourceforge yet, but I've been working on a bootable distribution for the purpose of easing on the spot Forensics analysis, data recovery, Virus scanning and Pen-Testing.

    There's no content on the project homepage yet, for a few reasons... I'm still waiting certain vendors to give me approval to re-distribute some of their tools, I get bored with html... and I'm spending most of my time on improving this project.

    Download from:

    Download the 50.5M zip archive, extract, burn to cdrom, and boot from cd. Check it out, and let me know what other tools you'd like to see added to the distribution.
    The image will extract to a 114M iso image that you should burn.


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    Nov 2001
    I like the idea, but I have verry limited time to check it out for the moment. Can you please tell me more about the idea and why you started with this "tool" and future plans.

    Any comments from other AO members with more time then I have would be nice .


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    Hey it sounds good. You mind explaining how this would work would you?
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    Read the FAQ, when the project site goes up at

    Just thought I'd let folks get an early preview...

    FYI, I found in additional testing that I forgot to include scsi support in the boot image, so you can't boot from a scsi cdrom until I rebuild the image... scsi is supported once the image boots and mounts from an IDE cdrom.... big doh... I couldn't test this until today when I had access to a machine with a scsi cdrom...

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    Nice server. I'm getting around 1.5MB a second. NIIIIIIIIIICE!!!!!!!!
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    New Version of Biatchux available at sourceforge

    I've made significant updates to the Biatchux iso based on recommendations from the Forensics community. I've corrected some issues with greater than 2G file handling and added some menu functions. The menu system really needs being built but beyond that... it's mostly ready for use...


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