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    Help stay Online!

    Hello everyone. Here's the prob. I have this little site of mine on the free hosting so there's nothing fancy just HTML and some JS, but \I need like 30 hits on it so they don't take it offline - the make profit by placing ads on sites, but sites have to be visited. Unfortunatly I don't have much time to seriously develope the page now(i will in some near future)-studing and work ya now. If any of u would check this address out, I would be most greatful - -Oh yeah the page is like on Russian, so don expect to get something from it, unless well u know it.

    Thanks a lot!!!

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    what an insult - a russian named canada. Give our ****ing medal back.

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    Ok, Oblio, we're a little unhappy about it, but there's no need for that.


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    Oblio, it isn't the skaters fault...
    Elen alcarin ar gwath halla nĂ¡ engwar.

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    hmm this seems like something I would do if I had a site where I could recieve goods inexchange for web traffic.

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    you seem to have NO clue about why people from other countries would choose a name. some do it out of appreciation or as a kind of hommage to a country. I expect you not to understand that, esp after you showing 0 respect towards someone else.

    fortunatelly i know many canadians personally and from online, so i know that your attitude is only the attitude of a minority of canadians. Most people i met are honourable and well educated people, both of what you seem to lack. Maybe instead of insulting a fellow human, you should go back to school and learn something... - and maybe per chance, earn your own medal instead of giving your wonderful country a bad name. oh and stop being a shame for your parents. learn manners

    just my opinion


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    Laying the smack down, eh? I wanna see the retaliation.

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    Hmmm, I know emotions are overflowing because of the olympics, but that's not the reason to hate. We'll finally meet again on ice SOON!!!
    Anyway, I haven't checked the satistics yet, but thanks to those of you that did click on the link. AND please don't Judge the site- I know it's not much to look at because it's not what it's intended to be. It's a free hosting after all, so no CGI-support or stuff like that...if I have time I'll add to it, but now...

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    P.S. Yes, I forgot to mention, that I had a chance to live in that country(Canada that is)-and it's been really great- Great country, great people, so try to keep the image up, Oblio! And the nick just stuck to me afterwards.
    Anyway, THANKS again to all of you!!! I have updated the page today, so it looks much nicer, plus I added some material(which IS related to computing, programming, internet etc)
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    Guess what - they gave the canadians the gold too.

    is everyone still mad?

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