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Thread: What's your backend like..?

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    Talking What's your backend like..?

    Let's get this forum rollin...
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    I have chosen other as i use them all!

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    I usually use JSP/Servlets as a backend for the following reasons:
    1)ASP only works on IIS, I prefer to work with Apache/Tomcat
    2)I don't know PHP at all.
    3)I'm a pretty decent Java coder.

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    Actually ASP can be used on multiple environments if you get the proper engines to run it (even apache). Dunno if it works all that well on web servers other than IIS tho.

    I chose other because most of the selections above, to me, are part of the front end except cgi (which is middle layer to me). I do all my middle stuff with vb-com, c++, java, cgi, etc.

    To me the backend stuff is usually my sql database. That is usually SQL server or Oracle for the sites I work on.
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    id say that CGI is the middle part and teh others are front end. They all interact with the server in some way.

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    I have really gotten into ColdFusion and I like the language (for now at least) but I am using Coldfusion on my backend, I am not to sure of the versatility yet but I am just testing right now.
    Ultimately everyone will have their own opinion--this is mine.

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