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Thread: HP 9000 and Linux

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    HP 9000 and Linux

    I have a HP 9000 and wanted to put Linux on it. I'm new to the Unix world and I don't know if it is possible to do. I have installed Linux a cuple of times but because it is a HP box I don't know if it will allow me to bypass the HPOS. If anyone could kick me in the right direction it would totaly killer.

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    Doesn't the HP 9000 run HpUX. I used to run that at school, and thought it was a pretty good system. If so, why do you want to change it to linux? They are both *nix variants.
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    ya but the cost of upgrading HPUX to the current version is much more expensive that a copie of Linux that is compatible with the box. The HP9000 is a server and were talking some major cash. Your right it is HPUX not HPOS

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