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Thread: 9-11 .. heartfull must hear

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    Actually …. Although I’m not American or from the west side … but I also feel sorry for all the ppl died there …. Killing a human being is something horrible … where ever he is …
    WTC … NYC …. America .. Europe … Asia …. Middle east … Africa ….. Muslim … Christian …. White or colored ….

    Killing one is like killing 100 … a soul is a soul … and no has the right to end it …

    I didn’t hear the song … but I can feel how it’s like .. from the subject …

    We lost allots of ppl. Here too … we have our songs too .. and when I listen to them .. I just can’t stop myself from crying …

    But why all u ppl. Offending Obilio … actually I don’t know his history .. but he was just saying his point of view … and if one of us saw that he’s mistaken … then we can argue him … and guide him .. show him the right thing ..

    But flaming each other will end up no where … I think u all should be sorry for what this thread been through … …

    U should show respect for the dead ppl. Instead of flaming each other and changing the subject from our hero to u r a fu**ing A*s Hol* …. Shame on u guys …

    And I do really feel sorry for all of u who lost some one … in WTC, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Africa … every where ..
    When the power of Love overcomes the Love of power, the world will know peace... Jimi Hendrix
    I dream of giving birth to a child who will ask...... what was war?

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    I cry because so many damned people care about this, but any other time, Americans are only worried about thier tax money...and how much they get back.

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