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Thread: Info saved to floppy.....

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    Unhappy Info saved to floppy.....

    I have a question concerning my 3-1/2in. floppy. I downloaded some things off the net....many things....and none of them will open!!! When I attempt to open something saved to the disk..I keep getting the message...."This file may be in use by another application, the file format may not be supported by any of the installed converters, or the file may be corrupt."

    Will someone please help this ignorant newbie and tell him what that all means?

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    It could be one of two things... A defective floppy or a defective drive... Try running scandisk on drive A: and see what it says... If it tells you the same thing with different disks check the wiring on the drive, and if thats fine... You might need a new drive

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    what type of extensions do they have. EG.. .jpg, .bmp. It could be that your system just doesn't know what to do with the file. Win format should prompt you for the application to open it with but remember your dealing with MS. Another thing that seem weird is that MS thinks the file is in use. Like acid stated do a scann disk on the floppy. Then try it on another machine. Try a different floppy to. Try and troble shoot the problem to one thing before bying a new drive.

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    One problem here is that we have imprecise
    terminology. We really don't know what it
    means to "open" a file. We click, or double click
    on an item, and are told that it will "open".

    If the file is a program (an executable file),
    it will RUN. It will perform some sort of

    If the file is data of some sort, windows will look
    at the "file extension", such as .DOC, .JPG etc.
    The registry has a table, telling windows to
    run an "associated program" to read, or use the file
    in some predefined way.

    If windows doesn't recognize the file type, it won't
    "open" it.

    It isn't unusual for windows to become confused
    and refuse to open a file, thinking it is "in use
    by another program" It is a built-in safety feature.

    Let us know what the files are.
    Maybe you don't have the program that
    is associated with them.

    On the other hand, it could just be a bad
    floppy disk. they go bad all the time.
    It isn't unusual to get bad ones in a
    new package.
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    Thumbs up problem solved

    Turns out that I was looking for a problem that was more complex than it really was. Come to find out it was just a simple problem with winzip. Problem solved.....thankx

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    it could just be one program that corrupted the rest of them.

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    excellent deduction watson

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    it could be an error of the program that you have downloaded. there are programs from the internet. there are many programs in the internet that doen'st work. or maybe there is possibility that you have defective floppy.
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