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Thread: regarding AIM chat

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    Question regarding AIM chat

    I have another questuion, and hope i found the correct place to post it.

    if i go into online chat via AIM (i have not an aol account, just the aol instant messanger) (you can enter chats with it though)

    anyway, when i do that, what can other people see ? can they get my IP ? can they detect from what country i am logging into chat ? what else can they see ?

    I am using firewalls though, and the scans and alike said i was under stealth

    so now i am clueless

    thanks for your help


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    No, they can't see your IP. They can, however, if you're directly connected to them, so if you're weary, don't do that.

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    When you start a program you open ports to communicate. So that in itself could leave you open for an attack, not to mention you're using a really well known chat client with really well known exploits.

    Sounds like you need to be introduced to my friend Mr.Google. Mr.Google has most, if not all, the answers. And you can even go talk to Mr.Google for free.
    I would use the advanced search function and there is even a tutorial for just that here at AO.
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    Try these

    Zone Alarm
    Tiny Personal Firewall
    NeoTrace and NeoWatch -- neoTrace allows you to see geographically on a map,
    Black Ice

    Good Posts people keep it up

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    Thanks for your great answers.

    by the way, i do know and use google. but maybe thats strange me only, but when i come to a message board dedicated to a certain topic i wopuld rather ask the people there, then search dozens of sites in the hope to finding the pearl of answer.

    maybe its bad of me to do so. but i really belived that is what message boards are here for in the first place.

    Thanks anyway, for telling me about google too.


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