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Thread: M$ 2/11 security updates

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    Question M$ 2/11 security updates

    I recently downloaded and installed the M$ 2/11 security update package for both IE 6.0 and IE 5.5 Sp1. I also have a Win98se computer with IE 5.0 Sp2, but I didn't see a security update for it. Does IE 5.0 not need the update or has M$ merely stopped supporting it?

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    Windows Update

    You check

    Usually all their update are there... If you're looking for a special patch for a very new bug, I may take a while that they include it in package that you can download from windowsupdate but it's always available somewhere on microsoft site... They usually include a direct link for the patch in their security mailing list if you're received it.
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    Here's the link , the patch is for 5.01, 5.5 and 6.0.


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    While the vulnerability issue applies to IE 5.01, the *download update* of that version appears to be limited to IE 5.01 Sp2 for Win2000 only. Unfortunately, my browser is IE 5.01 Sp2 for Win98se. Here is a link to the d/l page:
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