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Thread: firewall

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    Sep 2001

    Question firewall

    do you people think it is a good Idea to have multiple software firewalls and a hardware firewall'? and if yes which ones are good.

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    Jan 2002
    154 look here for a discussion on using multiple firewalls.


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    AO French Antique News Whore
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    Aug 2001

    For sure

    For sure it's good! The more security, the harder it's to broke it! I have a NAT Firewall + a Norton Firewall.. Their another tread going on exaclty about multi firewall for a computer.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Sep 2001
    I think it can increase security by 10 fold.
    I toor\'d YOU!

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    Feb 2002
    >do you people think it is a good Idea to have multiple software firewalls and a hardware >firewall'? and if yes which ones are good.

    It depends on your don't want to spend zillion dolars if you just want to do a simple filtering don't you?
    if OpenBSD+IPF or Linux+IPTABLES can do it, why not?

    those OpenSource OS can turn your $2000 hardware into a simple $43 box?

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    What you can also do if you have a Linksys router, is to disable high risk ports (for eg. trojans etc.)

    check out this link

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    hey the more the merrier i run 2 soft and 2 hard my self and if anyone gets past one they still have to deal with the others
    Ametuers get jail time Pros get jobs.

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    why not?
    It must be them again. Start the response cycle.

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