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    DVD to AVI


    Does anybody know a good way to transform a DVD into a 650mgs AVI(divx)?
    I have tryed flask and rippack, but I was wondering if there isn't a better way...
    If it's posible, please speak about some that read direktly from the dvd (no rip required)!


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    I dont think you can do it without a rip since the "holes" burnt in a DVD disk is very fine and small compared to ones burned by your regular CD burner, or by your regular hard drive. but then again thats what i just think.. im sure someone might say other wise.

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    if u have a dvd player and dont mind dhitty quality sure but think about it nealr 2 gig to 600 megs not 2 good a quility but has a wide range f toools

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    Well, if you wanted to drop the cash you could go out and buy a TV capture card (ATI makes the best one for the money hands down). Make sure your TV has an S-Video hook up and run the S-Vid cable from your box to the TV and fire up the software (which will come with the card). Only problem is that people who have 256MB or less of RAM and a 5400 rpm hard drive will notice a MAJOR slow down of your machine (i.e your not gonna use it until the movie is done). I work at a private PC shop where we custom build PC's and when customers ask for a system for video editing or capturing we generally build a system with at least 512MB of RAM and a RAID configuration set up on RAID 0 so the data gets split between 2 drives, only bad thing is that it costs a pretty penny but if you want to get seriously into it its well worth it. Anywho, my comments from the peanut gallery.
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