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Thread: Will anonymous e-mail become a casualty of war?

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    Question Will anonymous e-mail become a casualty of war?

    (IDG) -- Ever wonder how to trace the trail of that spam, track its source, and shut it down once and for all? These days, so does the U.S. government. more...

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    hmmm anonymous email has already become a casualty, at least anon remailers (some of you may remember em)

    Seems we're getting closer to stopping spam, but I dont think it will ever be completely gone. Unfortunately. Keep in mind folks there is still the RBL and MAPS

    If we continue to utilize the tools we have and with the recent pressure from Uncle Sam, we might actually spend more time reading and less time deleting email! However, it is useless if we dont use these tools, I encourage all of you who are in a network administration position to look into MAPS and the Realtime Blacklist tools and start using them. By using a central tool like this to organize and report, we are helping everyone using the tools!

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    I am a cracker
    Man I hate spam it is very annoying.

    I personally think Spam seriously erodes the Internet's efficiency. Experts claim that 10% of all today's e-mail traffic is spam. Think about it? Your ISP has to add an extra spam server machine for each nine regular e-mail machines. And who pasys the extra 10 % for this extra hardware? You and I. or try

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