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Thread: Telnet Vrs Crt

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    Telnet Vrs Crt

    Just a quick poll to find out what is more prefered by AO users

    In this corner we have Telnet weighing in at 77.7kb
    and in the oposite corner we have CRT weighing in at whopping 864kb

    at the sound of the bell come out voting

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    I am a cracker
    TELNET I been using it 4 ever

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    Hmm, I feel like a newbie, what exactly is crt?
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    CRT - Terminal Emulation for Internet and intranet.

    funny i'm a newbie
    (i don't really know what it means could someone please explain

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    CRT to the Max

    hehe, personally I favor the heavyweight.....

    CRT ---- Cathode Ray Tube
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    I am not sure what you are talking about here either. A CRT is a physical device. If you are using an application called CRT (I use SecureCRT), then it has a telnet client built into it, along with many other things, like SSH, serial support and more. Also, you can have a "windows telnet" or "*nix telnet" which are calle the same thing, but are actually different.

    I personally prefer apps like secureCRT which has all the functionality of many different protocols built into a single application.

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    While telnet is a standard, CRT (as in the Van Dyke Tech app.) has more costomizable features. I have mine customized up the wazzoo, when any one of my buddies use my machine they are like WHERE'S basic telnet? I've converted a few to CRT because of all the macro's and options.

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    For those that don't know, CRT is a downloadable terminal emulator. It can emulate something like 20 different VT100, VT120, VT240, etc etc. It is a lot more robust then the basic telnet that comes with windows. If I remember correctly though (haven't used it in a while) it is shareware, and there is a registration fee after 30 days or something like that.

    Personally, I don't use either one. SSH all the way.
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    SecureCRT is the one and only terminal emulation I use. It's worth it's weight in gold for the options you get with it as well as ssh 1 and 2 being supported and since I do a lot of telnet-based work, that's great for me! is the site for it. CRT by itself is good too, but for those wanting encrypted sessions, SecureCRT is the only way to go.
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    There is also Openssh
    ssshhhh, donīt tell them itīs free

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