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Thread: the5k design competition

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    Talking the5k design competition

    I have posted about this before in the general chit chat forum but i think i should repeat it!!! The5k is a contest where you have to design a page that is 5k or under. There are two cvatagories these are
    • pure HTML
    • anything goes
    • self eplanatory


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    Currently Redgore and I are working on seperate projects in the "5k" competition. The projects must be websites that are smaller than 5k in size which is where the challenge begins. No java, javascript, flash or other things can be used. Basically just html and CSS. If you are interested in this visit,

    With luck someone from AntiOnline will be able to win this contest. Be sure to look at the previous years winners to see what it takes. Good luck to all who enter.
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    heh sounds like fun =^_^=


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