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Thread: Web site Hosting ?

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    Web site Hosting ?

    I thought id put this up and see what everyones using , and then people new to web desin can have a good place to start off building their website.

    I'm currently using free hosters such as
    which offer 50 megs of space and no limit on file uploads + cgi server side

    which did offer 100 megs but now only 20 and a crappy 576k file upload size and no server side languages.

    there are also
    25 meg + cgi
    30 meg

    I'm sure people wil be asking where/who's best for bandwith, file upload, server side lagunages + i'm always searching and need a better one. ??

    Also some of these do have banners and pop up's but if you dont like them...well search on google...*wink wink* but thats up to you.

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    Actually i'l post more on this when i get back from muh weekend away...
    More options, hosters..ect..ect
    speed and reliabilty are also important...

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    i've used for several sites over the years... since... geez..'91 i guess
    .they've been pretty good..reliable and never had an issue with speed....and they have a free hosting forever plan if you register your domain with them...

    From their site...
    20 MB Disk Storage
    1 Email Account
    500 MB Transfer Per Month
    Browser Based Control Panel
    Add more Features via *la Carte Products
    $35 Domain Registration + FREE Web Hosting FOREVER! "

    i should say that i haven't used their free hosting...only the monthly i don't know how fast or reliable the free servers are...

    their monthly's are 24.95/month and up....and the best part is you can pick windows or unix servers...
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    Good day, I currently use the awful geocities hosting service. It is bad, but since my site is small and personal it is all I need. Visit if you are interested. I also use a forwarding system provided by it forwards requests to the name I specified, to my website. Both geocities and cjb have banner ads attached to your site so if these things bother you, you can either steer clear, or pay a fee to be banner free.
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    Hmmm slight misatke there CJB only hae ads if you choose to cloak your URL!!! I have used netfirms portland the list goes on. The best free host i found was unfortunately their free hosting will not be available from today I find all my free hgosts from It has a searchable database of hosting companies (be careful some are only free if you purchase a domain from the company) You can define your search to include free hosts offering sql cgi etc. Check it out!!!

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    Ive found 1 100 megs for free, full cgi and unlimited file upload but a sham and i say again SHAM use of the "download off your own site files usage"..

    It does seem that you get what you pay for ? but with that i ask if i do pay and they go under what have i got > ? nadda...hmmm.....unless you go big company style......but money so i'm still a miser looking for free access...o well.

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    681 ----> 30 mb, no banners or ads, fast uploads ----> free domain name used for redirects... must have 30 viewers in 90 days
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    All of those host pretty much suck... Try T35.Com ( Unlimited web space, non banners, no popups, and unlimited bandwith... But you have to sign up before February 28.

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    I chose not to go with a free hosting co. Too much hassle. I went with$20 a month get's me 200 megs of space, 10 pop3 mail accounts to play with, a few ftp accounts, and 6 gigs of bandwidth per month on a windows 2k server so I can do my site with asp. Also has mail list functionality, db if I need it, etc.

    They also run space on their unix servers....
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    thanx ac1d - is this t35 any good?


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