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Thread: Database Programming

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    Question Database Programming

    What would be the best language to write a non-SQL database in? Delphi? C++?

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    or perl
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    databases aren't writen in SQL. SQL is as the acronym so explicitly defines, a STRUCTURED QUERY LANGUAGE. It is a language to MANIPULATE the database.

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    you can write a database in any format you want. for example there are comma delimited databases, and then there are more advanced databases, like the palm database, *.PDB
    have a headerthat stores information on the record offsets and all sorts of crap... i cant really explain them... i jsut know how to make them and use them.

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    your question needs some specifics...are you trying to write a front end for a database?

    A front end is any prog or script that can access the tables...and sql is the language to access the tables.

    it goes goes something like this...

    SELECT *
    FROM myTable
    Where Myfield = 'Userinput'

    what you need to do programmatically is specify how to get that user you do it depends on the kind of os, the kind of DB, what you're trying to do it for and a bunch of other stuff...

    typical backends
    IBM DB2
    Microsoft SQL server
    mSQL server
    SOLID Server
    Sybase enterprise

    Accessing the data in the table can be done from pretty much anything, vba, asp, php, , c++, coldfusion, perl, cgi, java, ODBC...and on and on...depends on the situation...and what you're trying to do...
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    If you intend to create your DB and not a frontend. I would think you would use what ever language you are comfortable with. The language it is written is less in important then how it hashes the data.


    PS Not sure why u would want to write your own DB since it is well treaded grounds by companies such as IBM, Oracle, M$, Informix (not sure if they were bought out or went under), etc
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