Many of you have been gracious enough to share your vast
knowledge of computers with me, a subject I feel I have small
knowledge about. I wanted to share something some of you
might not know about, so a decided to write this tutorial on
American football.
Maybe you have heard people at work or school talking about
sports and felt left out or wondering how people could waste their
time watching and memorizing such petty facts and names of greedy
millionaires. While this tutorial may not be able to help you
understand these people, it will try to help you interact with them

Part I.

There are 32 teams in NFL. I will not list them, but if you
want to know more go to
This site is full of fluff but has important basic information.

First you must know the most important positions of football.
Offensive and Defensive Line can each be broken down further, but
in order to keep this simple this tutorial will see them as one.

1. Quarterback. Without a competant leader, your chances of
winning are reduced greatly. The exception is 2000 Ravens.
2. Running Back. Must be able to withstand the pounding and
catch the ball. Pass blocking is becoming more of a necessity.
3. Wide Reciever. Catches the ball from Quarterback and provides
blocking for running back on the outside.
4. Tight End. Blocks and catches passes.
5. Offensive Line. Main blocking for offense.
6. Defensive Line. Attempts to control line of scrimmage.
7. Linebacker. Main tacklers of running backs.
8. Cornerback. In charge of covering wide reciever.
9. Safetys. Provide help for corners and linebackers. Last
line of defense.

Here is the basic offense that most teams run.

x x x x x x x x

I shall use numbers above to show where players (11 on each side)
line up.

3 5 5 5 5 5 4 3

Now for the basic defense.
x x

x x x x x
x x x x

Again, numbers indicate which position lines up where.

9 9

8 7 7 7 8
6 6 6 6

Now the above diagrams may not help you with conversations with fans,
but it lays the foundation for beginners.

Part II.

In order to interact with sports addicts, you will need to know a few
player names. Most fans actually lack quite a bit of intelligence and
only care about offense, so most of the names will be directed there.


Brett Favre - pronounced "Farve" - leader of Packers, won Super Bowl in '96
Tom Brady - led Patriots to Super Bowl after starter got a punctured lung
Kurt Warner - came out of nowhere to lead Rams to SB in '99

Running Backs.

Marshall Faulk - best running back in NFL, plays for Rams
Fred Taylor - could be best if he wasn't always injured - Jaguars
Terrell Davis - I mention him because he used to be the best until
tearing his knee. He has been injured constantly for four straight
seasons - Broncos

Wide Receivers.

Randy Moss - best talent in NFL, wasted on ego and not working hard - Vikings
Terrell Owens - Won't shut his mouth, but overachieved to surpass Moss -49ers
Keyshawn Johnson - also won't shut his mouth. Wrote a scathing book
about his team before being banished to Tampa Bay

Notable Defensive Players.

Ray Lewis - Linebacker - Ravens -best defensive player, sold out his
friends who stabbed a man to death
Ty Law - Cornerback - Patriots - had a good SB, so office workers may
be talking about him
Michael Strahan - Defensive Lineman - Giants -set NFL season sack record

Part III.

Hopefully, this tutorial shed some light on football and helped you
understand a little bit about the sport.

Football can be complex and this was very basic so if you would like to
learn more about the game or just need general smut on players to impress
coworkers feel free to contact me at