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Thread: Vulneravility: Opera TXT & HTML Mix-up

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    Exclamation Vulneravility: Opera TXT & HTML Mix-up

    Opera Content-Type HTML File Execution Vulnerability

    Opera does not properly handle files based on the Content-Type specified. If HTML tags are included in the body of a file, Opera will not handle the file according to the Content-Type. For example: A file has the Content-Type text/plain and contains HTML tags in the file, Opera will execute the file as a HTML type rather than a text file.

    It is possible to create a malicious web page containing arbitrary script code. When a legitimate user browses the malicious page, the script code could be executed in the user's browser.


    Exploit: No exploit code is required to take advantage of this issue.

    Vulnerable: Opera Software Opera Web Browser 6.0.1win32

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    Yeh, this sucks and junk. I think I heard about this, or at least something like it, on xatrix today. Thanks for the post.

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    Cool post dude
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    Reminds me of the VBS exploit in win 98 first could actually write a trojan into your victims start up folder, and when they restarted,,,Boom gottem. Trojan infection via http link. Gotta love it.
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