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Thread: Favorite Beer?

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    Question Favorite Beer?

    I often drink mass quantities of beer while working on the computer. (with the exception of when I am work.) I was wondering how many of you all enjoy a nice brew with the puter. What is the brew of the l33t? I know it doesn't have anything to do with security but eh, thats what general chit chat if for right.

    My favorite has to be Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or a good ol' Black and Tan (Bass Ale mixed w/ Guiness)

    Peace out
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    tekfrost, the best beer (IMHO) defenitly is Stella Artois
    Stella Artois rulez

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    Jul 2001
    The list does not do the beer connoisseur justice. It leaves off micro brews (i.e. Yuengling from PA, Black Butte from OR). Although Guinness is very good I think Murphy's Irish Stout is similar slightly less bitter (did a non-scientific taste test and it won). From your list I would select Guinness or Base depending on my mood.


    PS Heard a rumor from a die hard vegetarian that Bass uses animal parts in the production of their beer -not sure how.
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    Has to agree with VictorKaum on the beer Stella Artois is the great beer though i prefere spirts specificy absinth rules them.


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    I only like Belgian beer, Kriek Lambiek is my favourite.
    But Palm and Hoegaarden can also make my day.
    Guess I'm gonna have fun in Belgium this weekend lol

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    Nov 2001
    thx Focmaester, when some1 from the Netherlands says that Belgian beer is best then you have the ultimate prove, cause normally they woudl say Heineken...

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    There is only one real beer for me Grolsch...

    No other beer for me...

    but I voted guiness.......

    just for the heck of it..
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    Thumbs up

    I like beer on an occasion or two. But, hey. I'm from the south. I have to drink my Jack and Coke. Good ole' Tennessee wiskey. Go have a look for yourselves.
    The funny thing is though. You can't even buy it in the county they make it in. Nor most of the surrounding counties. They are dry counties. Save for two that can sell beer. You have to go about 50-75 miles up the road to get any liquer. Strange but true. This state still has "blue" laws on the books. Such as no beer or wine sales on Sundays or after midnight and so on. The county I live in you can only buy beer. The next county over is wide open though. Beer, liquer, wine, and stip clubs. Go figure. It's strange when you live in the "Bible Belt".

    Just a little FYI for you.

    You wanted to know some more stuff about the south Focmaester, well, this is one of the stranger things. LOL
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    rolling rock
    bud light
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