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    Safe Mode

    OK, I would of put this in the "Tech Support" forum I asked for but it never eventuated!

    Anyway, this isn't security related, more technical, so I apologise up front, secondly, I have to swallow all my pride to ask this....

    I've got my hands on a Win 98(SE) box, but the problem is it'll only boot in safe mode. Even holding down F8 during start up and then forcing it to boot up normally has no effect. There is no conflicting hardware and no new software has been added. To be certain I've even un installed everything not vital to it's operation and removed things such as network cards, printers, scanners etc but it STILL boots up in safe mode.

    I've re installed windows (without formatting) and it all went well, untill boot up. Even after re installing the OS it boots in safe mode....

    Any help would be appreciated. Yes, I could just format and re install but I'm saving that for a last resort. Once again, any help would be appreciated.....

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    did you delete anything?
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    The young lady I got the box off said that she deleted the user name/ password under the heading [Password Lists] in the system.ini.

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    Hmmmm. Is there anymore detail you can provide? Like did you switch your vid card back to standard Vga display adapter? How about disabling all the enhanced features under file system properties/troubleshooting? I could go on, but I see you're not here so I'll wait til' tomorrow maybe.

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    Sorry to bump this back up....

    After a fromat and clean install it still booted in safe mode. Obviously it was a hardware problem. The only hardware left on it was the vid card. I swapped it for an older one I had lying around and it works perfectly.

    Thanks for your help...

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    those bastard videocards will do it to you everytime
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