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Thread: Active Thread Suggestion

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    Active Thread Suggestion

    My suggestion is simple. Make it so that threads posted to the web development forum appear on the main page as active threads. I suggest the same thing for newbie questions. I notice many posts go unanswered because many do not take time to look through the forums pages.
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    They already do.....
    This is the negative antipoint comment I recieved for this post. I want to point out to the idiot who posted this, that all posts to the Web Development forum do not appear on the main page, which is why I made this suggestion. Even if I had been wrong did this warrant negative antipoints? Did I do something that was bad or did I insult you or anyone else for that matter? Hell no. So why the negative points? Next time post a comment to the thread or send me a pm explaining why you think I am wrong. People like you make me hate posting anything here sometimes.
    Jealousy consumes the weak.

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    I think that is a vaild suggestion. And yes you are right, the web devlopment threads don't appear on the front page. But this is a security related site so i guess JP just doesn't think it's that important?

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    To counter this, JP made a link to all unanswered threads: You find it on top of "AntiOnline > Discussion Forums" - It's called "View Unanswered Posts."
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    Guus, I have indeed seen this, but some people, while just taking a quick glance at the active discussions will not go here. They just look at the main page. Not only this, but some posts are replied to only once and could benefit from further discussion.
    Jealousy consumes the weak.

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    If I hadn't already given you AP's today, I'd give you some to make up for the negs, Anthony.

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    I'm getting a little sick of your complaining, Preacher. How many times have I seen threads from you that say "You wont see me around here anymore" or some thing similar. "I recieved neg points for this, I recieved neg points for that, you people aren't ready for this, I am a fool..." etc etc etc.....If you don't like the site don't come back.

    Anyway, as for your suggestion, IMHO I feel the "Go to first unread post" button more than compensates for this, as Guus pointed out.

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