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Thread: mixing different kinds of RAM

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    mixing different kinds of RAM

    this isnt really a tutorial its more of a finding that i thought i would share.
    i have an old intel triton 430VX 200mhz that was running with two sticks of
    FPM(8MB a piece) in bays 0 and 1 and two sticks of EDO(also 8MB a piece) in 2 and 3. then
    a 64MB stick of SDRAM in the only SDRAM bay. now the SDRAM didnt read the full 64MB, which sucks, but it had a total of 44MB and ran quite smoothly. even games like half-life and baldurs gate II ran like it would on a 500. (granted i have a voodoo3 2000 in it) but anyway, if someone could tell me how this is working or even if its supposed to then i'd like to know.
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    Can I ask a question? Good. I thought so.

    If you have a 64MB stick of SDRAM, why bother with the other 32MB, if only 44MB show up?
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    Well i dont know to much about computers or even if this is a similar problem but i have tried mixing my sdram pc100 and pc133 with windows 2000 and my system keeps falling over all time when i put the 128mb pc133 in , i've try mixing them in the dimm slot but no matter what combo or even on there own.

    i have PIII 700mhz(100) on abit 133raid running windows 2000 but i know the pc133 memory works because i used it in my other machine and no problems

    please give me an idea someone

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    check your docs on these systems. Often a guide is printed inside the pc cover. Some systems do not allow mixing ram speeds or have only certain ways of mixing sizes of memory with the same speed in the banks. Often as well, some require bank population in pairs (of the same size and speed)

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    like GoldEagle said:

    Normally you should not mix RAM types and speeds, you only get optimal stability when using the same amount of RAM and type, preferable in pairs... except when your motheboard can mix types properly

    About the SDRAM and EDORAM, the Simm's are on a different violtage compared to the Dimm's
    I would suggest to put in only the 64 MB stick ---> you will have 64 MB of ram instead of the wrong 44MB output.

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