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Thread: News Forum

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    The question is, should AO have it's news area back again? It would certainly be interesting (even if possibly unfeasible and unlikely) if AO had a sort of editorial/news section, but the newsletter is already here, and I don't think AO members will pump out daily-esque items, a more monthly distribution is nicer, even if the news is less current.
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    I kind of like the idea.
    But then, I don't really come here for news, seeing as how there are other sites readily available for just News. I think of AO more as a "Support" forum for security/programming/computers.

    But if there where to be a News Forum, why not make it "sticky" so it will always reside on the front page? If it isn't "sticky" and there is an unusual amount of posters that day, someone visiting later on at night or whatever, won't see the latest news on the front page.
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    IMHO a news forum would be a good thing. I for one am almost always on this site. If I could get the latest (computer) news right here, I would never leave. We would just need to make an initial "read me first" post stating that people should only post "Current" issues, and to search for the story before posting. If you look around the site you will notice that many of the posts are news stories.

    I agree with webcarnage that we will get "stupid, or non relavent" news posts. But I'm sure the relavent and interesting news stories will more than make up for it.

    So all in all... I'm for it. Lets do it.

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    Yes, a news only forum would be good.
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    make it so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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