OK...that Greek philosophy-thread was kinda interesting, but Badjohnnie decided to screw it up...

Here it is again - slightly edited....

Originally posted by BadJohnnie
Have you ever read greek philosophy????? Do you know the seven greatests

philosophers???? Do you know the history of the Olympic games?????????
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[b]Ummm, what of it? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this


I mean, well as questions go those aren't very, well. . . um, friendly.
They imply ignorance. But, then I might just be a little defensive, as I
have just gotten out of my class "The Sweep of Western Philosophy"
mucking about with a general overview of everyone from Thales to
Aristotle. Tomorrow, I have "Great Philosophical Classics" where we are
beating the Republic to death, if I hear anything more about that
blasted divided line, I am going to scream.
But, then to answer your questions, yes I know greek philosophy. As a
basis for western thought they are important to know, as I said, I have
been reading a lot about the Greek philosophers.
The seven greatest philosophers are a matter of opinion. It could be
debated for a considerable amount of time without any progress. There
are so many "great" philosophers out there, each contributing a ton to
our world. Personally I am a big fan of Kant and Wittgenstein, but then
I enjoy torturing my brain. But then, where would we all be without
Thales (in the western world atleast, for eastern philosophy developed
fairly indendantly, but is just as important to understanding the world
as any other system). Aristotle taking Logic as a subject of importance
was a great leap for philsophy, otherwise we would still be dealing with
Sophist and not Philosophers. However, I will forever maintain, that
Socrates was a bastard, and Thrasymachus was a punk (sorry, this is a
personally joke I have from the Republic: end of Book I, where Socrates
and Thrasymachus are arguing over whether justice is for the benefit of
the strong, and Thrasymachus proves his point by letting Socrates
bludgeon him into agreeance (an interesting literary devise, bravo to
Plato for that)).
I just am curious where you are going with this set of questions.
By the way, that link that you provided looks like a good resource, I
plan on checking it out.
sorry if my tact was not apparent, it has been a long day, I think I
failed my math test,
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Dhej, could you give me a link or two to sites dealing with eastern
philosophy, sounds interesting. TIA
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to think that the olympic games started with a bunch of naked gay
greek guys
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Heres a link with lots of philosophy to keep you occupied!
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About the greatest philosophers... that's indeed a personal issue
I'am in my last master year in Philosophy right now, sure I have read
Greek philosophy
Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes, Anaxagoras, Heraclites, Pythagoras,
Alcmeon, Philolaus, Archytas, Empedocles, Xenophanes, Parmenides, Zeno;
and of course those from Athens: Archelaus, Socrates, Plato and
They deserve lot's of respect, with them whole the Western democratic
history began.
Other very, very important (at least for me) philosophers: Hume, Kant,
Wittgenstein, Rawls, Sen
This is where Badjohnnie screwed up, as pointed out by Vorlin's post...

Originally posted by Vorlin
Uh yeah badjohnnie, and with a name like that, you should be escorted
to /dev/null, heh. As for olympic games, I have a small knowledge of
that but then again I could give a rat's ass either way. The spirit of
the games definitely isn't in your caustic posts on this board and as
for your comment on us not knowing the history of our country, just who
are you talking about? If it's fellow grecians (which I don't think it
is), then understand the simple concept that nobody has to know anything
about any other country, much less yours. Now, do you know why the
muslims face a certain direction during prayer? Do you know how long
Ramadan lasts and what it stands for? How about the Koran? Where is the
"official" Koran kept? And what else is with it? What is done by men
travelling to Meccah to see this object?
And to think, both posts you've put up are starting off by insulting
people's knowledge. Not a good way to fly.