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Thread: Dr Toker??

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    Dr Toker??

    Well, there are two subjects of this post...

    1) Dr Toker, geez... thats the name of my graduate advisor, Dr Onur Toker.. or Dr Toker for short..... so well, this wouldn't be him rite? I doubt it.

    2) Doesn't Antionline have a search facility to check up for something specific in old postings? Like, I needed to look up a not-so-basic tutorial on Perl. I remember that sometime ago, such a query had been posted, with quite few links provided in reply.
    So how do I search out this specific post.? And could someone repost those perl tutorial links..
    And Dr Toker... umm....nah.. forget it.. buh-bye..

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    Its on the top of the main "Discusion Forums" page...

    and, here is a link.

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    Thanx Ichnisan..

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    Not me....
    It is better to be HATED for who you are, than LOVED for who you are NOT.

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    Didnt this come up before?

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