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    I am just starting to learn about programming and have started with HTML....which is very easy. Ofcourse I don't plan to stop there and I've had some other languages recommended to me such as..Python.......Java.....Assembly..etc. But one step at a time. Can someone please tell me what kind of things can be done with HTML besides the basic website designing? Also, how well should I know HTML before you would recommend that I start learning another language? Once I get a good home page made..I will give the link here so that anyone even remotely interested may check it out and give me some positive criticism. I guess the best way to learn is to dive right in......then swim or sink. I would also like to say that this is the best site I have been to so far on security issues, etc. Most of the members here....especailly the senior members are very intelligent as well as very helpful.

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    I, actually, wouldn't recommend HTML at the first language you learn. IMO, you should dive right in the deep end, which is why I would suggest something harder like Java or C(++). So, make your site or whatever, but if you're really serious about progging I'd go way into the hard junk first. Also, to answer your question, nothing else besides website designing can be done with HTML.

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    I don't want to blow your expectations, but HTML hardly is a language. Sure, it lets you create nice things, but to do some serious programming, HTML won't get you anywhere. For instance, the AntiOnline pages, although being webpages, don't rely on HTML alone: It depends on HTML, PHP, some form of SQL, and probably more, just for the web interface. HTML lets you make nice, static pages, with even some forms to have some kind of interaction with the user, but that's it.

    If you really want to learn something you can use for future reference, don't start with a language at once - start with learning about the principles of "Object Oriented Programming." This is some sort of general idea for modern programming (much like 'transportation' is the general idea behind cars and bikes, traffic lights, etc). The source that learns you about OOP probably will do this using examples from a OO programming language, probably either Java or C#. One of those is an excellent way to start learning about programming - learning HTML can be fun and usefull, but there's practically no other function for it, besides webdesign.

    Good luck.
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    hmm my suggestion is next step after HTML should be Java, since Java mixes web design (which u already know) with system skills (which is a whole new branch).

    Or, you can start with Visual Basic then C++..

    as for me, i already started with QBasic, HTML, Visual Basic, then C++, and im thinkin of doin Delphi next.

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    I think it's easier starting with procedure oriented programming Languages first before you move into object-oriented. It's very important to learn LOGIC before you start programming. I know but it's good practice for getting your brain ready to think like a computer. Also when picking a language I would recomend somthing that has alot of reference and material so you can find what you need.

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    HTML is a great thing to learn, but it is not a programming language. It is a formatting standard. If you are interested in HTML check out the new Web development forum here on antionline for some useful info and links to sites with tutorials.
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