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Thread: web development resource sites

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    web development resource sites

    I was looking around at my favorites list and realised that there are alot of sites I use for information. Thought it might be helpful to share them in case some of you haven't found them yet. I know most of this stuff can be found by searching google but sharing the good ones we know saves time.

    Some of the ones I hit are:

    1) - bit of everything

    2) - bit of everything

    3) - alot of asp/vb stuff

    4) - umm....guess what this is

    5) - bit of everything

    6) - bit of everything

    7) - whole lot of everything....alot of good newsletters too

    What are some of the web development web sites you use for references/info/tutorials?
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    or just do a search on google for "web design resource"

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    Hi there!

    Good day to everyone! Aside from the good information posted above, I wish to add some of my favorite sites as well:

    For Flash:

    4) (contains tutorial on photoshop and tips on site design)



    Have Fun!!! Blessed day to all!!!

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    Heh Alexzel we have like identical flash linkz
    great minds huh!?!?


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    don't forget:

    i'll post more as a remember

    --ssshhh, be vewry, vewry quiet...

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    Cool Home Pages and Open Source Web Design are good if you are looking for design inspiration.
    Paul Waring - Web site design and development.

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    Your favorites are quite good for references. You can check out GreekGodess's collection of links and resources. It covers almost all the aspects of Web Development.
    Anyway great resources.
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