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Thread: Rainbow Books

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    Post Rainbow Books

    Can anyone send me the Rainbow Books in text format? Thanks in advance

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    I have them and could up them to you. It's large file. You can go here though and pick the ones you want. They have them in txt, postscript, gzipped postscript, and pdf.

    Nice individual selection.
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    Just an FYI...
    While the Rainbow books do still exist and are available. To the best of my knowledge updates were stopped several years back. While they are still good basics, they are not always relivant to current situations (of course depending on which volumes). If you are looking to "poke fun" then by all means.

    However, if you are looking for current info, you may also wish to consider searches of (no laughing please)

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    For lots of books, not just Rainbow go here.

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