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Thread: job market

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    job market

    As most of you know I am a C++ and java programmer for the US army and my time is almost up . I was wondering how is the job market looking for a unix programmer on the "Outside World". The reason I am asking here and not surfing the net is because i have notice several unix programmers are members of AO.

    Some in sight would be nice


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    I'm not sure in your area, l3aDm0nKeY, but things are improving in some areas. certainly better than a few months ago.

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    The job market is not that great it did pick up in February but seems to be slowing again.
    Some areas are better than others but wow have the salaries and or rates been pounded down. Do some searching don’t be to darn picky and you should find something to hold you over till things pickup again.

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