[I am using Windows XP home edition]
After reading several posts, I can see why Norton is not liked. I didn't know this when I bought it. I have had trouble with the "AntiVirus Virus
Definitions" update. I guess this is common because their website is full of ways to fix this, and believe me I have tried "everything" over and over.
I have reinstalled the disk about 6 times, downloaded the renewal about 10 times, downloaded patches, tried 3 different ones. (none helped) I got
so frustrated I paid $9.95 for thesupscription (which I shouldn't need to pay but I got so frustrated I thought it would be worth it) I can't get that to
work either. I will phone Norton on Tues. as they are closed until then. (that is another joke!) they have bankers hours. I wish I had found
Antionline before purchasing Norton, but it is too late now. (I must say this though, the rest of the disk is fine and all else works good, it came with
Clean Sweep, Norton Utilities, Win Fax, System check and Go Back) But according to their web site this Virus Definition is a big problem.
Seems they would fix it. Maybe I am just dumber than dumb and a lot of other people are too.