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Thread: gr8 freeware util to monitor & clean registry

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    gr8 freeware util to monitor & clean registry

    found this freeware...regcleaner 4.3 at

    allows you to dig into your reg to see whats there...and get rid of old entries, modify what startup progs, clean up add/remove entries and a couple more things..

    cleaning the reg is helpful after a while as it can get bloat...but from a security point of's always good to have a look at what is loading from the reg...especially in the run and runonce key entries...this is an easy way to see if you've got some nasty things loading that you don;t know about...keyloggers, trojans...etc...

    works in 2k and 9x for sure...not sure about any others...give it a look...
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    Good post!
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    btw: works on Win95, 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, NT4 (according 2 site)

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    Good stuff...

    thx for the url..

    I like this kinda warez..
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    I'm not on my comp right now so I can't try this proggie out, so how is it different from msconfig/regedit?
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