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Thread: Almost same boat as Yohev

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    Almost same boat as Yohev

    First off I'd like to say hello to everyone. I just joined Anti-Online yesterday, trying to find help with a problem. After looking around I came across Yohev's post, and could see that we had an almost similar problem.

    This past Christmas I recieved a laptop as a gift from a friend. They had purchased it at a school auction, and had given it to me..... without reformatting the device first. The System has a Networking logon screen that pops up after the system boots up. Now usually you just have to put in your personal log on name and password and TA-DA I'm on my desktop. But, if for some reason the computer freezes up and I have to shut it off manually (aka The power button) I get a new password screen asking for username password and the domain I'm using. I've always managed to get past this little hurdle by restarting the machine almost a dozen times and pressing the enter key before the system boots up, or also taking out the PC card before the system goes on. It's aways worked before, but now it just doesn't seem to work.

    Now I would just stick in the recovery CD and be done with this probelm, but I've been traveling and I have misplaced the CD. I am getting another one, but I have one major file that I am reluctant to lose. I had soem of it saved on a zip disk, but I've done some considerable updating since then and I don't want to lose that work.

    Since I've gotten past this problem before I know that it can be done. I just need some help in doing it. So, would any of you kind people out there help a desperate girl?

    PS. My system uses Win98

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    If you can make a dos boot disk... use the program at the following link to read the ntfs and get your file....

    This company also has a utility which will allow you to change the passwords, but, its kinda expensive. If you can get the file off using this free util, go for it....

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    PS. My system uses Win98
    Hey, use a boot disk or press F8 before win98 starts and enter DOS mode. If you cannot get the F8 thing to work: the bootdisk could even be DOS or something but hen you lose the long names from extended FAT, therefor use a win98 or win95 boot floppy... boot the laptop from the floppy, get your file.
    Copy it to another disk or burn to a cd or whatever, you can for instance use norton commander 4.0 from Norton to copy your file to another computer using a serial (nullmodem) or parallel link cable... if your file is big this will take a long time, but, hey, you will have your file...

    This is what you do:
    put nc40 (norton commander 4.0) on a floppy
    start your box with the boot floppy or by pressing F8 and booting in DOS
    copy nc40 to the HDD of your laptop and another local box
    run norton commander (nc)
    access the menu (I think by pressing F9 not sure of this, it's been a long time)
    goto left, choose Link, choose the port you use for the link, like serial com1/com2/com3/com4 or parallel, depending on the cable you use, then set the laptop to slave

    at the other box: run nc
    goto right, choose link, choose your port, set this box to master.

    from now on you can copy everything you want to this comp.
    alt-F1 controls the left window, alt-F2 the right window. You can see the laptop (slave) in the right window in the left the master box. You can "jump" from window to window using tab. Just select a file [insert] and press F5 to copy it.

    no need to reset the password to get your file.

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