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Thread: please help thank you

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    Smile please help thank you

    hello everyone i would like to introduce myself and would appreciate a warm welcome from the members of AO.
    please don't flame me I already know I am about worthless when it comes to my limited knowledge of computers, but what I lack I make up for in the willingness and desire to learn and become a respected icon of my peers.
    I would appreciate help in getting started in the game with your help.
    Ill give you some info about me so you can understand how raw and unmolded this piece of silly putty is.
    about 6 months ago I knew nothing but how to download and read mail.
    since then I am currently in school working to get my CCNA.
    In case you are unfamiliar, the Cisco Certified Networking Associate, but I would never insult your intellegence. Iam also working toward my A+ cert, and am half way done with that.
    I have completed the first sem of Cisco and am half way through the second. Right know im working with routers and such. Basicly I would like a point in the right direction, on how to improve myself and have something to offer. I have aspirations in working in network security.
    Oh one more thing I will also be going to school to get my MSCE.
    sincerly thank you

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    basically, just start reading.... anything you can get your hands on. start with tutorials. there are some good ones in this site. i used to have 100's of links to tutorial sites, but i can't find them. so i would just search google or wait till someone else posts links. the most important thing is to just read. that is the best way to start learning.

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    heh and learn how to read forum headers
    no offence mate - i know how easy it is to slot a post in the wrong forum sometimes maybe you should try asking for advice in the newbie questions or introduce yourself in role call instead of here in site suggestions....
    take it easy


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